Corporate Contribution ActivitiesThrough our corporate contribution activities,
Tsuchiya emphasizes the global importance of raising
the environmental awareness of children,
who represent the future of our society,
and offers them dreams and hopes for the future.

Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support

We provided reconstruction support to people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, which caused unprecedented damage.

Relief supplies to disaster areas

We provided restration supplies to people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Reconstruction support event "Santa Claus School"

In the aftermath of the earthquake in 2011, we determined that most important point was to bring smiles back to the children. To that end, we opened a "Santa Claus School" free of charge in the affected areas and 200 participants consisted of children & their parents enrolled to learn Santa's mission, i.e. laughing and walking. The graduation examination consisted of making ornaments using waste materials, All students passed the final exam and worked together to decorate a Christmas tree for the 2011 Sendai Light Pageant.