Company Information

Corporate Philosophy

Company Policy

We will develop and create new technology with an environmental focus, to enhance the continued success of our clients and our company, while promoting a sustainable society through construction that is environmentally-friendly.

Quality Policy

Basic Principal

We ensure quality that satisfies the needs of our clients, and we contribute to the building of a sustainable society.

Basic Policy

  1. We develop new construction technology and focus on the success of our clients and our company.
  2. We ensure that our architectural and civil engineering projects in consideration of safety, quality, technology and schedule standards as the most important factors.
  3. We continuously make improvements, even if it is just one step, including the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

In order to create an environment that is safe and comfortable for people to live in, we consider the environmental impact of our work and endeavor to protect and remediate the environment.

Basic Policy

  1. We promote the prevention of pollution caused by our construction work, as well as the reduction of generated industrial waste.
  2. We abide by all environmental laws and regulations and requests from stakeholders to safeguard the environment.
  3. We continually improve the effectiveness of our environmental management systems.
  4. We work to create harmony with the local communities we work in, and actively cooperate with environmental interests.

Corporate Identity

"TSUCHIYA" is a full-service construction company that strives to create future development with a global perspective, based on the harmony of people and the natural environment.

Our business is to provide comprehensive development projects from planning and design to construction.

We believe that our business will not be complete without use of the precise construction techniques that shape spaces, the new creativity in construction that has spread around the world, and a caring vision that is considerate to the environment.

We work to find the best solutions to construction problems for the next generation and beyond.

We believe our work and improvements in techniques lead to better living and better city planning, one step at a time.